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We all have big questions and exploring these big questions isn't a journey you have to take on your own—we're meant to do this together! We are a Christian charity and we're here if you want to chat about the meaning of life, God and faith.

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Who is Fellow

Fellow is a place where people from all backgrounds and beliefs can come and ask questions about God, Jesus and the Christian faith. The answers to life's biggest and most frequently asked questions can be found in the Bible and we believe that being able to ask questions is an important part of discovering the truth.

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We have a team of volunteers ready to reply to all the questions Fellow receives. Everyone who responds is a Christian and most are connected to a local church. Our volunteers are not counsellors but they are available to offer encouragement and prayer, and to discuss faith in Jesus Christ.
Many people who write to us want to know more about God or what the Bible teaches on a particular subject. Some just want to get some advice about a situation they are facing. Primarily, Fellow exists as a place for people to ask questions about how they can find out who Jesus is and how they can know him.
Yes your data is completely safe. We will not add you to a mailing list or contact you about anything other to answer the questions you ask and reply to your messages.